5 Stars


Michelle was recommended to me by some of my close friends, as I was in a panic one day trying to book a driving lesson. I wasn’t expecting much out of it, but it was a great learning experience for me. Michelle was very calm and encouraging towards me, which I appreciated considering I was extremely nervous going into the lesson.

If it wasn’t for Michelle, there is no way I would’ve passed my test. She’s an amazing instructor for anyone of any skill level.

Would definitely recommend booking a lesson or two with Michelle!

5 Stars


I just past my practical driving test with no error with Michelle at Nixon Driving Academy.
Michelle is the best instructor that I have ever met. I still can remember my first lesson with her, I was anxious and sweating not only because I knew nothing about driving but also because I am an international student and I was not confident to understand what she taught.
However, after the first lesson with Michelle, I knew I worried too much. She always gives clear instructions and encourages me. She always let me know how I can do to improve myself and do better next time. I feel comfortable and safe to be with her and build my confidence in driving day by day. Weekly lesson with Michelle was the most exciting thing for me. I can’t express how appreciated I am.
Highly recommend Nixon Driving Academy to everyone who want to learn driving. Thank you Michelle!

5 Stars


Michelle doesn't just make sure your child knows enough to pass the test - she makes sure that they know everything to stay safe after they've passed the test. As a parent, this impressed me the most! So very professional, great communication and she develops a great rapport with the students. I can't recommend Michelle highly enough!!

5 Stars


Great instructors and helped me to achieve the final goal of achieving my P plates! Explained everything clearly so it made it easy for me to understand. I cannot thank you guys enough!

5 Stars


Prior to starting lessons with Michelle, I was practically terrified of getting behind the wheel. I suffer with anxiety and Michelle made me feel so comfortable and looked after, it always felt like I was driving with a friend rather than an instructor. After my first lesson with Michelle I felt so much more confident and at ease with my driving and I felt myself improving as our lessons progressed. Michelle provides a friendly and easygoing learning environment, her directions/instructions are always simple and understandable. By the time my P’s test came around I was so confident with my driving that I had no nerves or anxieties about passing. I passed my test first go and with zero errors, as someone who ran over a wheelie bin once this was a huge achievement for me. I highly recommend Michelle for anybody wanting to learn to drive.

5 Stars


Prior to having Michelle as my driving instructor I had undertaken lessons with another instructor which was not successful as they didn't make me feel at ease and was the wrong fit for me.

I then started with Michelle straight away there was a connection she was kind and made me feel at ease with her easy going nature. I was quite nervous due to me being a mature driver, however she made the whole learning to drive enjoyable and gave me confidence with her down to earth manner and rather than feeling anxious about learning to drive I was finding myself looking forward to my next driving lesson as she made the whole experience enjoyable. Thanks to her teaching I was confidently able to go for my Licence and pass first attempt. I would recommend Michelle to anyone who is learning to drive.

5 Stars


Completing my driving lessons with Michelle was the best decision I have ever made. Not only did I pass my P's test but I was provided with the confidence I needed to drive safely on the roads. Thank you Michelle and Nixon Driving Academy!

5 Stars


Michelle made me feel comfortable and safe while behind the wheel, always reminding me that she was there to help. Her bubbly and charismatic personality made me look forward to lessons with her and made my final driving test bitter sweet as I knew we wouldn't get our regular chit-chat sessions anymore. She instills a valuable sense of confidence in her students that translates into safe and assured driving skills.

5 Stars


Just completed my first driving lesson with Michelle at Nixon Driving Academy and really found her advice and instructions very clear. My lesson really helped me build my confidence on the roads and will be booking future lessons.

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